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Memorial to a great man.


Sando Salvatore (Sam) Scarpello

My dad, Sam, passed away early Saturday morning June 3rd, 2017. He was 93. Survived by Carole his wife of 65 years, they lived in Corning IA.

"The Mafia" as we lovingly called Sam, was a great father and husband. He was consistent as a dad. Always very opinionated on what is good and true, although not an educated man, Mafia was full of common sense. One of the best I know in that way. He was also very faithful to God. He was the type of guy that wouldn't let the conversation go too far without asking you about your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sam was a scholar of the Bible and particularly in the Prophetic verses. He had a very strong idea of what the Bible taught him for the past and the future, but was not closed minded at all. I watched him grow and get more wisdom to the words and teachings from God. It was funny when another religious person, a Jehovah Witness or someone that wanted to straighten him out, he was strong in his knowledge. I watched him debate other Bible scholars that had an education and thought they knew it all, he could tear them apart and do it with God's words, not his. I envy that skillset...

Sam was a Pearl Harbor veteran. He was on the USSNevada https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Nevada_(BB-36)

He told me stories of being on the ship doing KP duty, throwing dishwater over the side of the ship that day, and seeing the first explosion. Running downstairs back to his commanding officer and then they took off, the only ship moving out of the harbor. It became a target and got bombed. So they pulled over to not block the harbor entrance. He jumped onto a tug boat and they took him to shore swimming the rest of the way, hiding in the sugar cane unarmed and helpless. 

After the war, Sam was a barber for 25 years. Had his own business. He was great with his hands. He could build a house from the ground up. He did electrical work (questionably lol) and plumbing and many trade works but was never trained, he was self-taught which was his downside. Although very good at many skills of the trade, he was not great at any. He made a living that way for years. We would joke about fixing things the Mafia way. It would get done and it would work, but duct tape and a hammer and he fixed it all.

He leaves behind a wife, and 5 children which I am the youngest. I was with him the last week of his life, I was there the night he passed, living in the hospice home. I watched him go blind as I fed him his last meal just hours prior to his passing. He ate Strawberry Pie and had a smile about it. I got the privilege to speak to him minutes before he passed. He was basically lifeless and not moving that last few hours. But as I spoke my final words to him, he reacted by moving his mouth vigorously. I told him he did good, as a father and a husband. He lived his life well. Not without sin, not without trials but he was forgiven not unlike King David. Then I read him this scripture:  

Ephesians 2:8

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith— this is not of yourselves, it is the gift from God—  not by your own works, thus no one can boast."

Good bye Dad. I will see you again.  

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