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https://www.bowlbrunswick.com/  I started Rock-N-Bowl and Moonlight Bowling; turned off the lights, black lights, smoke, music w/huge speakers, people on microphones, colored pins for money. It was such a hit that I was manager of the year for the company and the VP of Operations came out to see what was going on. A name change as it swept America in the 250 locations. Gamechanger for their bottom line.

http://udisglutenfree.com/ I started with Flourish GF Bread company, I made a recipe for Wild Oats stores and it was so successful I made a partnership with Udi and Etai. Name change, investors, growth to buy-out as the company sold for 120m. The number one GF company in the world all from my humble invention in 2002.

http://www.ilfornaio.com/ I pushed Il Fornaio Bakery Division to do something they haven't since inception in 1984, make frozen par-baked bread so we can ship across the continent. It was so successful the company split and sold off the division a few years later. 

http://www.medicallycorrect.com/ A new start up that I created. Multiple companies came out of that one idea and now 7 years and 10m dollars later the story still continues...